Bible Thumper - Live at Karen's Place - March 8, 2014

by Seventh Time Around

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Words by Bob Westbrook

Other day on the train
with my Bible on my lap

Seat next to me, was a
friendly looking chap

But when he saw
that book I hold so dear

He turned his head away
and gave a little sneer

Well, they call me a Bible Thumper, and
I guess that's what I am
Cuz I will listen to the Word of God
rather than the word of man

Oh how I love
that message, from above

It tells us the truth
and speaks of his great love

It has brought peace
and hope to multitudes

But many hurl abuse and rail
With spiteful comments lewd


Today you can do
anything you want

Your depravity,
well go ahead and flaunt

Just live as you please,
No matter how perverse

But if you dare believe that book
They'll slur you with a curse


Now you may think
that I'm a little dull

And you may have a P H D,
be an intellectual

But in the end
Your credentials won't mean squat

Cuz He's the one who made the world
And you are just a dot


I remember what they did,
to the Man from Galilee

Didn't like what He said
So they nailed Him to a tree

But yes He will have
the last word after all

Cuz He will rule as King
and His enemies will fall


Hey Hey big man,
it's time to bend the knee

The day is near
And soon you're gonna see

That book you hate
well, it was all true after all

The Lord will come as judge
at that final trumpet call



released March 14, 2014
Lead vocals: Bob Westbrook
Guitar and backup vocals: Rich Jeffes
Drums: Chuck Hendricks
Keyboard: Danny Rodriguez
Percussion: Alima



all rights reserved